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Bringing visibility and efficiency to international trade

Understand your options for trusted suppliers
Get prepared for an overseas trade show or on-line order
Shortlist your overseas vendors
Scale product production
supplier reliability trade intelligence report data driven reputation platform

We're building a data driven reputation platform to help you assess potential supplier's reliability based on transaction history; reducing risk by attract new suppliers based on your previous successful transactions.

Document Flow

We create a digital replica of your pen and paper based contract and management process. We store contracts and proof of performance in the bitcoin blockchain and enable you to own your data.

Data Monetization

Eximchain 2.0 will allow users who have full control of their data to monetize it to financial institutions, to assess their credit, or the credit of other interested parties without revealing any trade secrets.


Eximchain is a digital platform that makes the global sourcing process easy for small-and-medium sized businesses. Unlike an e-commerce platform, sourcing agent or data platform, Eximchain offers a one-stop service including data-driven analysis, customized recommendations and direct connections with suppliers.

direct connection to suppliers
  • Analysis Platform
  • Supplier information
  • Buyer information
  • Coming: May 2017
trade intelligence report
  • Trade Intelligence report
  • Email digest
  • Product/Supplier based report
global sourcing process
  • Chrome Extension
  • E-commerce supplier verification
  • On-demand trading analysis
  • Coming: May 2017

Who we are

We are driven entrepreneurs from MIT, who are passionate about leveling the playing field for SMEs.
Our mission is to open the doors of trade and create prosperity.

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